CulturePro Series™ Module 5

The Culture of Physician Services Organizations in Integrated and Integrating Health Systems

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In this module, you'll explore the answers to three questions:

  1. Why is culture especially important in the Physician Services Organization?
  2. How do leaders get off on the right foot with culture of the Physician Services Organization?
  3. How does the right culture translate to performance of the Physician Services Organization?

After an in-depth discussion with Dr. Daniel K. Zismer, you'll head over to the "playing field" with Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht, where he and Dan will explore how Ben's experience with culture on a championship team can be applied in healthcare and beyond!

Your Instructor

Keystone Culture Group
Keystone Culture Group

Keystone believes culture is the key to a successful organization, and it starts with having the right champions to lead you to the finish line. Dr. Daniel K. Zismer is a 30-year veteran in healthcare leadership with a passion for high-performing cultures in healthcare. Ben Utecht is a former NFL player and Super Bowl champion dedicated to accountable commitment to meeting the needs for long-term success. While they come from very different fields, together they've discovered that all successful organizations have at least one thing in common: a championship culture.

Our four core beliefs:

  • Culture is the leader’s choice
  • Culture happens, by design or default
  • Culture drives performance
  • Culture is a leader’s most effective use of time

Our definition of culture:

“Culture is the foundation of intrinsic beliefs that bind and inspire the behaviors of people and communities to pursue a mission and vision with unity and purpose."

Our Philosophy, a 4 Ds Framework:

Culture can be:

  • Decided
  • Designed
  • Deployed
  • Directed

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  CulturePro Series™ Module 5: The Culture of Physician Services Organizations in Integrated and Integrating Health Systems
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